About Us

Originally founded

Originally founded to focus on creative engagement and lead generation, Cuepixel Inc. is the brainchild of dynamic entrepreneurs Sath Ly and Thomas Chui.  In its infancy, Cuepixel was tasked with a software development contract, providing backend support to a local software development firm. Eye-opening, the process solidified their love for the industry and Cuepixel quickly expanded services into software development outsourcing.

The evolution of Cuepixel Inc

The evolution of Cuepixel has seen it develop into a unique agency, focusing on software and creative content that embraces motion graphics experience and evocative, interactive software development. Both Chui and Ly are excited about their prospects and constantly test the boundaries of the industry.

It was only a matter of time before Cuepixel evolved into a provider of immersive experiences. Having a marketing element to the business gives Cuepixel a distinct advantage over other standard software development firms. Cuepixel’s content is more insightful, emotive, and evocative; everything you need to build lasting relationships. Of course, it helps having one of the best teams when it comes to content, visuals, and back-end support. A commitment to quality is the company’s core strength and also its strategy for maintaining digital growth. 


“We see those who come to us for help as business partners first and clients second. We only take on projects that we can all believe in, with creativity, curiosity, respect, quality, and teamwork at the centre of all we do. Our Vision is a world where everyone explores human emotion through virtual experiences.”