The Future Of Property Showing

Enhanced realty is powerful and engaging, able to connect buyers exploring the potential in a prospective home with the right agent or broker. With enhanced reality, every real estate professional gains access to a new dimension of selling homes.

  • With the application, clients can access the viewing anytime and from anywhere
  • Enhanced reality makes houses you’re showing literally spring to life  
  • Homes show better and offer more insight


Enhance Your On-Site Tours

Enhanced reality overlays décor options during the framing stage, offering visualizations which can streamline your planning. You can engage pre-construction owners and financial stakeholders, ensuring they are aware of and involved in any changes. The technology provides a platform for: 

  • Remote viewings 
  • Comparison of multiple model homes
  • Exploration of amenities available in pre-build spaces 


Interactive Palettes Empower Users

Truly envision everything from furnishings to paint, fabrics, and finishes. With the use of a smartphone or tablet, you can amaze your clients by transforming the room in front of their eyes.

With customizable technology, you can enhance your relationship with your clients through education and showcasing your design and storytelling skills. Clients will in turn:

  • Save time by viewing the potential of a home
  • Virtually remove negative elements of a home
  • Reduce costs and save resources before renovations

Augment For Your Printed Materials

An Excellent Tool For Visualizing

Enhance your rack cards and brochures with dynamic, interactive content with image-base AR markers.

  • Add more dimensions to flat 2D images by rendering a storytelling marketing piece
  • Continue to develop rapport with clients with push notifications and engaging content
  • Add urgency to the client interactions by implementing a call to action button like “Call now”